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Greetings everyone!

If anyone else here has an Xbox Live account, feel free to add me! My gamertag is LinPanda. I'm just searching for more people to play games with =)

(Short, sweet, and to the point, lol)

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Nerdsbian Necklace

So this is the thing. My girlfriend gave this awesome science-y necklace to her girlfriend... then they broke up, and the ex gave it back to her. It's an awesome necklace: it is the molecule for serotonin, which makes you happy. But the problem is that neither of us want to wear it anymore because... I don't know, it has ex cooties? But it would be perfect for you or your geeky girlfriend/friend! My girlfriend bought it for $85 new, and it's starting at $45. here's the link, if you're interested. Thanks!


I just started a lesbian book blog (The Lesbrary) and I wanted to see what other people's "lesbraries" look like. Do you have all your queer books together? If so, can I see a picture? One shelf of my TBR (to be read) lesbrary is the header on my blog, but there's another half shelf of TBR lesbian fiction and a stack of TBR lesbian non-fiction, plus a stack of lesbian fiction I have read. Please, post some pictures so I can see yours!

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I hate to be this person, but...

Collapse )edit: My wording for 1 is not the best. What I am trying to get at is the mire of dysphoria vs feminist identity. This is a problem at least for me.  I don't identify as a man or as a woman, but I have a female body that I often feel dysphoric about. And yet I've identified as a feminist for as long as I can remember.To me, this seems like a strange place to me sitting. This may be too close to home for me to actually be able to write about coherently. HrmphCollapse )
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Are any of you Stargate fans?  This may be old news to you guys, but I just got around to watching all the episodes so far, and I'm so excited that Stargate Universe has a lesbian character!

utena hair


Well, I noticed that no one has posted to this community for a really long time, but it's such a cool idea that I really wanted to join. Hopefully it will pick up. I miss interacting with other lesbians and bisexual women.

You can call me Eve. It's one of the names I go by online.
I'm 27.
I move a lot. I think this is why I don't really get to establish meaningful relationships at this point in my life. Currently I'm located in South Korea, but next week I'll be shipping out to America and after a short stint there I'll be coming to South Asia for a while.
I'm single, but I'm okay with it at this point in my life.
I love art, books, painting, reading, writing, English, languages, travel, weather, neuroscience, cooking, linguistics and many other things. Nice to meet you all.
& maggie

Meeting People

Hello Everyone,

I think I may have asked this question before, but I'd like to ask it again. How do you meet people in the LGBTQ Community?I currently live in Oakville Onatrio Canada, and have been trying to find more friends with the same interests and issues as me in the area. So far there has been very little progress. I've been going to coffee meetings & youth groups run by a group called HOPE. It was good for a while, but I've started to notice that many people in the group are either a lot younger or older than me. I just feel very left out and while I've met people and have found afew friends. They are few and far between. I just want real lasting friendships.

I want to ask - how do you meet people in the queer community? Bars? Clubs? Support Groups?

Please help me.

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name: hello, i am reba.

age: 18.67

location: louisiana!

status: pining and/or hanging out!

interests: drag queens, nintendo, bad movies, gory movies, stephen king, stephen king, stephen king, stephen king, neil gaiman, nail polish, glitter, fat bottomed girls, gay pride, fat acceptance, abolition of gender roles, being hit on by guys who love fat chicks?, POKEMON, books, harry potter, star trek (NONE OF THIS NEW FANGLED NONSENSE. okay, i haven't seen it yet.), achewood, questionable content, flipside comics, neopets, yu+me dream, playing piano, broadway, i think i already said stephen king, the ganj, drawing, abstractness, i really need to stop before this gets long, my cats, flapjack, superjail!, whose line is it anyway, okay stopping.

aim: botanical boat

please talk to me! i enjoy speaking and listening!
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